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Our platform acts as a host for all ideas so users can come to their own conclusions. Our following policies are aimed at fulfilling this:

Limited editorial role: Enlightenmore takes a limited editorial role. This means we withhold all content submitted by regular users from the platform until we have independently verified the content's authenticity with the citation information provided. This does not mean that we agree with or endorse any views expressed via our services.

Verified experts: Those who are experts on a specific person, whether the person themselves or someone with extensive knowledge of said person, may be given special administrative privileges over said persons “thinker” and “works” pages and therefore act as a limited editor. These people must verify their identity and prove their expertise. Once verified, these experts may bypass Enlightenmore’s limited editorial process and submit directly onto the platform. These independent experts take legal responsibility for the content they submit or approve.

Content Standards

Licensing: All content submitted to our platform must be in the public domain or be delimited as to be protected under fair use.

Restrictions: Enlightenmore restricts the creation of “thinker” pages to authors who have a published book, writers who have been published at least once in a major publication, or other people who are an intellectual or public figure of significance. Once a “thinker” page has been approved, our limited editorial role means we will only remove or alter content if it does not correctly quote the reference material cited. Any and all source material must be correctly referenced. Any wrongful claim to originality, evidence of fraud, or continued submission of falsely attributed or misleading material will result in a ban of your account.

Offense: You may find some content that is factually incorrect or grossly offensive. Enlightenmore does not agree with or endorse any views expressed via our services. We have not created a platform where people are free from offensive views, we have created a platform where opposing views on any subject matter can be read and judged side-by-side.

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